Who am I ?

Dear Jivasu.
My friends describe me as Spiritual, not religious. I live in Canada, where we are granted the freedom to find one’s own belief system, or to follow another’s… with respect. As a baby, with no say, I was baptized into the United Church. As an adult, I tick off the ‘Buddhist’ box on forms, when required. But, I have an ever expanding sense of what makes us ‘tick’, and continue to find the greatest Joy in studying a Butterfly sipping nectar. Or, while out in my kayak, remaining still while the pattern of sunlight penetrates the water, dancing over the pebbles.This is my ‘church’. (From how I see things, worldwide, Man-made religion has been corrupted and manipulated for thousands of years. Many supposed buddhist regions are NOT Buddhist, as it was intended as a philosophy of Compassion, and it has been corrupted in power and greed).

I believe in Creative Force and Quantum & Metaphysical Frequencies & Energies.

Frequency and Energy is Information.
Everything is IN-formation.

I am in awe of the end result of evolution in plants and all living things, insects, fish, mammals, birds, fire, water and air. I am a Shaman by past life and current. I abide by no restrictive defined box, rather an ever changing organic process of self development.
I am into Quantum and spirit, and have been around the Galaxies via meditation and dreamtime… so what does that make me?
Who am I?
This is who I am… and a bit of a goofball who likes to have fun.

Does your definition of ‘Spiritual’ has a different meaning. What defines spirituality in the West? (And what is pseudo-individualism, other than pseudo Self Importance ?)

Pseudo-spirituality… is this connected to celebrating and worshipping the multiple Gods? India has a daily dose, it appears. All of the festivals… is this Spirituality, or Religion? Or simply a beautiful distraction of Culture?

When one falls out of purpose, does one fall into the chasm, the abyss? Do the distractions of culture and expectation keep one from falling deeply into the abyss? Does one have to fall and suffer? Or can one fall and just BE?
Is just BE-ing, the middle way of the stream, with allowances from both currents? I am o.k. with this. I like the roller coaster, so I guess I like the ebbs and flows as well. Up, down and all around. Flow of Life.

Anxiety, be still and breathe

Decades old anxieties are simply that. Decades old. They have the same impact as newly formed anxieties, only they are more familiar. Decades old, however, are no closer to being an ‘old friend’. Some friends are better off saying goodbye, as they no longer are of service to your higher Self.

Baby steps are still a very good pace, even for decades old anxieties. They have set up shop, and found residence within Self. These anxieties have most likely even hung some nice wallpaper for familiarity’s sake.

Baby steps lead to the ability to dive deeper, and to face more. With ease.

Going gently through the process, seems essential in the healing journey. But, there are so many who could fall between the cracks and lose everything, if they were to “go gently”. This is why so many continue to push themselves to breaking point, trying to keep the head above water, at breakneck speed… trying to keep up with “expectations”. Then it breaks. And one cannot continue.

In Canada, we have a pretty good Social Net, to help when needed. It works, only IF you have the ability to turn up for the social worker, and the doctor. Many cannot. Many slip between the cracks and suffer further, for lack of support and direction, or an empathetic doctor.

While healing, one needs to go at ones own Natural pace. Honouring one’s Natural personality is where breakthroughs happen. Greeting your inner Sloth can be a very good thing. It was for me.

For many the healing is a lifetime of ups and downs, each time down, the getting back up can be a little bit easier, with the good tools at disposal. When one honours Self, and has some good tools available, one can recognize when these tools are to be respected and implemented.

Just Breathe… Bringing in awareness of tensions and pain. Just Breathe. (Sounds easy enough to start.) Every day. Sit, or lie, and just Breathe. You can do this.

With ease.

Guided visualizations are quite effective in facing fears and dissolving them down to bite size. One step at a time to healing. Yet, in some cases,*’SNAP’*, spontaneous release of a bundle of old fears and anxieties, mid-meditation, creating space for new neural pathways. Lots of tears. Be prepared for lots of tears.

Laughing Meditations are incredibly useful as is Chanting. While both exercise multiple Chakras, they both assist in the subconscious release or rise of emotional anxieties. Rise is good… rise reveals and identifies. Go gently with the awakening of Self. Step out of Self, and look in from the outside, without judgement, or expectation.

There are many Meditations and Yoga postures that gently calm the nervous system, allowing for clear flow of thought/lack of thought, and assist in balancing one’s energies within the Chakra system.

Breathe with ease, Heal Self, and Live,

Cocoon Shield of Light, Shaman Style… you’re welcome.

Shamans get requests from friends and relatives to send protection, and being one, so I do. I also give quick instruction on an exercise that is so easy to do every day before they leave the home. For those who have no time at all for a short meditation, I ask them to imagine stepping into a pillowcase, bringing it up and around them, and adding a lovely golden ribbon to tie it up above their Crown Chakra, and off they go, out into the world, protected from negative forces.

But there is much more at play, and so be open to greater training.

“You have a choice to face the Angels and the light or face the dark ones, it is your choice. Call on the Angels to take the dark ones out.” -Grandmother Rosalie (Manyhorse’s Grandmother)

The Greater the Light shines around you, the more the Shadow wants to get close, like a moth to a flame. Choose not to feed it, rather, assist it to move on, away from you and your Loved Ones. Shadow is like the mosquito buzzing in your ear all that is wrong. Simply, guide/swat it away into the Light.

Shadow needs guidance. Shadow is a clinger, is needy, and drains when given a welcome mat in your Space. Shadow exists primarily on an undeveloped and lower level of Frequency. Lower frequencies are easy to tap into for the beginner, be warned. Do not take it lightly, for it is like the drunken dude in the parking lot, always available to help with changing your flat tire. Be careful who you invite into your Space.  Beings and Energies of higher frequencies arrive with absolute dedication to the higher state of Being.

To protect daily from negative cling-ons and Shadow, meditate on your Inner Light. Bring White and Gold Light into your Heart and bring it out and all around you like a cocoon of Pure Energy. Extend this energy out to encompass your Loved Ones as well.

One can speak with Intention from the Heart, and the Third Eye, sending immediate guidance to Shadow, or negative energy, to go into the Light and to be Free of the burden of Shadow.

You can do this. Be free. Be light.



Reiki ‘kim style’

I do Reiki ‘kim style’. My own natural gifts and training, work exceptionally well within a Reiki session. My clients get all the bonus modalities that are needed at the moment, on that day in their lives. It is a win-win-win. Usui method always feels so incredibly pure and lovely to set the frequencies on the best path, then I go with the personal evolution of attention to detail, while in a blank slate state of mind. Often there is a powerful release of negative energy. Other times, it is subtle, yet remarkable. Other times it is linked to past life, cell memory. Simply fascinating, and beautiful. Each and every one is so different. I am passionate about Reiki. It is so good for us.

Milestones on your calendar.

Along your journey of healing, take the time to mark ‘good’ days on your calendar. It is a powerful tool for reflection when you are having a rough day/week/month. Any ‘good’ day is a great day. It works as a reminder that you can experience a restored state of being. It offers hope, a guiding light, a reassurance that you have the ability to repair. We were all born as perfect as we were intended to be. Whatever our personal journey, there is always a point of return to a restored state, within reason. When we have hope, we have a breath of Source, the life frequency to lift us, if only for a moment. That moment may be enough to get us through to the next stage of restorative being. Mark the good days, and the great days. It is life.

Evening Primrose EFAs and staying youthful

Essential Fatty Acids such as Evening Primrose Oil are a beautiful source of Omega 6. I always recommend Effemol or Natures Sunshine brands, because of their purity. This is a great EFA that can help with keeping you more youthful. It can have the effect of a ‘facelift’ in a bottle… but, you should simply take it every day. The skin benefits in so many ways, as do the lungs. Evening Primrose Oil can also help in the reduction of some of the symptoms of Menopause and Peri-menopause.

Trust in your Reiki Master; Long Distance Remote Reiki Sessions

Need a Reiki boost, but cannot get there in person? Book a Remote Reiki Session.

Having Trust in your Reiki Master makes a whole lot of sense. We work on a Metaphysical level, combining science and Spirituality from a Universal Source. Healing Frequencies are available to you, only when you are ready to receive. Your Reiki Master is merely a conduit to a much larger-than-thou kind of place. So don’t wonder, just be in wonder of the awesomely subtle powers available for you.

Release any doubt when requesting a Remote Session in Reiki, as this doubt may affect the level of energy coming your way, or may create a block. It can interfere with the receiving of the good stuff. When this occurs, do not be surprised if I call you to request your absolute permission, as this will facilitate a fresh channel of delivery.

Embrace the mystery, and have faith in the Universal power of metaphysical transformation and the ancient wisdom of Reiki. I also work closely with Angelic Energies, tapping in to an entirely unique realm of light and clairsentience. This is all part of the miracle of Reiki, and being a Lightworker.

Message me on my website, with your phone number to set a Remote (Long Distance) Reiki Session when you are ready. If we have not met in the past, then I respectfully ask that you send me a photo of your eyes at least, though a standing pic is better. Namaste, we are One.

Sending Reiki long distance

Long Distance Reiki sessions are an effective and powerful means by which to keep at your best .

Many of my clients who travel, or have moved to another region/country continue to benefit by a ‘Remote’ session, by request. So long as I have had face to face (eye to eye) contact in the past…or have a photograph to work by.

It is so easy. Pick up the phone, call me, (message me first for my phone number), ask for a Remote Reiki, say “Thanks & Bye for now”, then hang up and receive the energies. (Just be sure that you are NOT working on a roof or on a ladder, or driving a car while I engage the session. You WILL feel it.)

Many people get confused by the term ‘Long Distance Reiki, as it is NOT done while you are on the phone. I will call you back afterwards to give you feedback on the session, and what was ‘seen’ or ‘felt’, or whatever cool things occurred with colour light. This kind of session works on a metaphysical level, and as such falls into the realm of both science and spiritual practice.

Radiesthesia and sacred geometry is often employed, and greatly amplifies the healing process, in conjunction with gemstones and crystals that I pick out intuitively to match your needs for that day/period in your life.

Root v.s. Sacral Chakras

ChakrasIn attending a wonderful Samagra Chakra workshop recently, the topic came up about the penis v.s. the uterus. Although I had never before heard this take on the topic, I am still puzzled as to the source that said male genitalia fall into the Root Chakra, whereas the uterus goes up into the Sacral Chakra? One of our attendees brought this up, addressing the root chakra as divisive, more specifically the ‘male being lowest to the ground with their genitalia’. So are female parts low to the ground for that matter, and I beg to differ with her source.

I have always known that the tail bone, spine, bones and marrow, anus, prostate gland, and rectum are connected to the Root Chakra. Male, and female.(Fem-minus the prostate). It is not as simple as being ‘lowest to the ground’.  We both have the same qualities/dimensions in the Root Chakra.  Chakras are so wonderfully encompassing, and are much bigger than we could ever imagine.

There is Equality of the sexes always with Chakras and Subtle Energies, and most of the energy meridians. There will be many variations based on individuality of spirit and innate nature, but it sure helps to have a few common agreements out on the table.

The Root Chakra (or the 1st Chakra), is synonymous to being grounded, and secure, a part of your community, achievement, survival, primal trust, courage. It is where we find solid connection to Mother Earth, and our place on her, and within our ‘tribe’.  When we eliminate, (poo), we are in essence simply giving back to Mother Earth, full cycle, every day…until we die, which is really truly full cycle.  We eat from the earth, and give back 8 hours later…

Whereas most sources agree…

Reproductive organs fall under the influence of the Sacral Chakra, (the 2nd Chakra.) Both male and female equally. Sexuality and creation require the energies of both male and female. We just have an innie, where a man has an outie.  (It is also fascinating science to mention here that we all begin in the female form while in utero.  Biology dictates the change henceforth.  But we are of the same stuff.  Equally from the start.)

The Sacral Chakra holds many functions and may be responsible for that ‘gut feeling’, primal feelings, sensuality, pleasure, wonderment, and relationships with people, animals and nature.

I hope this helps.
Oh… and wear Orange to help boost your Sacral Chakra and its associated function with creation energies. It’s not only good for boosting your own, but helps others find creativity, in response to the wavelength vibration of this colour. I find orange to be a good visual guide, which may explain why it is the colour of choice in construction zones. Change and creation in many possible forms.

Creativity comes in many packages. Gardening, painting, teaching, decorating, writing books, music, singing, cooking, playing, discovering… these are all ways to be creative and feed your Sacral Chakra.

Creation is not just about sexuality, but that too is a wonderful form of expression in creation. Creation does not directly imply making babies. Though… makin’ babies sure can be fun too, when the intention is right, and the music plays into the night!

Chakra development in children

I just watched a lovely little YouTube video of a mother singing a special song to her 10 month baby. This baby has an emotional reaction to the song every time she hears it. Her emotions are all over the map. Sweet little thing doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry. What is going on in her to bring up so many reactions?

Her Heart Chakra is wide open to the frequencies traveling through air, (the heart element). She is being ‘touched’ by the song on so many levels. The song holds all the frequencies of love, compassion and grief. This little sweetie was born with unconditional love, just waiting to be developed.

Children develop the Heart Chakra between ages 3 to 7 years. Finely tuned, it represents an equally free flowing essence of unconditional love. The Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, is the centre of the seven Chakra systems. It supports both the lower (self oriented) and the upper (universality) Chakras. The element of the Heart Chakra is Air. Air is open equally to all, to the do-gooder, and the wrong-doer equally. Equality is unconditional. It transforms on so many levels. This is where forgiveness takes place, and healing… freedom.

The best accomplishment comes when the parents plant the seeds of compassion. This lasts a lifetime, and connects us to all. Including the Cosmos. What a journey! Let the Revolution Begin.