Root v.s. Sacral Chakras

ChakrasIn attending a wonderful Samagra Chakra workshop recently, the topic came up about the penis v.s. the uterus. Although I had never before heard this take on the topic, I am still puzzled as to the source that said male genitalia fall into the Root Chakra, whereas the uterus goes up into the Sacral Chakra? One of our attendees brought this up, addressing the root chakra as divisive, more specifically the ‘male being lowest to the ground with their genitalia’. So are female parts low to the ground for that matter, and I beg to differ with her source.

I have always known that the tail bone, spine, bones and marrow, anus, prostate gland, and rectum are connected to the Root Chakra. Male, and female.(Fem-minus the prostate). It is not as simple as being ‘lowest to the ground’.  We both have the same qualities/dimensions in the Root Chakra.  Chakras are so wonderfully encompassing, and are much bigger than we could ever imagine.

There is Equality of the sexes always with Chakras and Subtle Energies, and most of the energy meridians. There will be many variations based on individuality of spirit and innate nature, but it sure helps to have a few common agreements out on the table.

The Root Chakra (or the 1st Chakra), is synonymous to being grounded, and secure, a part of your community, achievement, survival, primal trust, courage. It is where we find solid connection to Mother Earth, and our place on her, and within our ‘tribe’.  When we eliminate, (poo), we are in essence simply giving back to Mother Earth, full cycle, every day…until we die, which is really truly full cycle.  We eat from the earth, and give back 8 hours later…

Whereas most sources agree…

Reproductive organs fall under the influence of the Sacral Chakra, (the 2nd Chakra.) Both male and female equally. Sexuality and creation require the energies of both male and female. We just have an innie, where a man has an outie.  (It is also fascinating science to mention here that we all begin in the female form while in utero.  Biology dictates the change henceforth.  But we are of the same stuff.  Equally from the start.)

The Sacral Chakra holds many functions and may be responsible for that ‘gut feeling’, primal feelings, sensuality, pleasure, wonderment, and relationships with people, animals and nature.

I hope this helps.
Oh… and wear Orange to help boost your Sacral Chakra and its associated function with creation energies. It’s not only good for boosting your own, but helps others find creativity, in response to the wavelength vibration of this colour. I find orange to be a good visual guide, which may explain why it is the colour of choice in construction zones. Change and creation in many possible forms.

Creativity comes in many packages. Gardening, painting, teaching, decorating, writing books, music, singing, cooking, playing, discovering… these are all ways to be creative and feed your Sacral Chakra.

Creation is not just about sexuality, but that too is a wonderful form of expression in creation. Creation does not directly imply making babies. Though… makin’ babies sure can be fun too, when the intention is right, and the music plays into the night!