Sending Reiki long distance

Long Distance Reiki sessions are an effective and powerful means by which to keep at your best .

Many of my clients who travel, or have moved to another region/country continue to benefit by a ‘Remote’ session, by request. So long as I have had face to face (eye to eye) contact in the past…or have a photograph to work by.

It is so easy. Pick up the phone, call me, (message me first for my phone number), ask for a Remote Reiki, say “Thanks & Bye for now”, then hang up and receive the energies. (Just be sure that you are NOT working on a roof or on a ladder, or driving a car while I engage the session. You WILL feel it.)

Many people get confused by the term ‘Long Distance Reiki, as it is NOT done while you are on the phone. I will call you back afterwards to give you feedback on the session, and what was ‘seen’ or ‘felt’, or whatever cool things occurred with colour light. This kind of session works on a metaphysical level, and as such falls into the realm of both science and spiritual practice.

Radiesthesia and sacred geometry is often employed, and greatly amplifies the healing process, in conjunction with gemstones and crystals that I pick out intuitively to match your needs for that day/period in your life.