Trust in your Reiki Master; Long Distance Remote Reiki Sessions

Need a Reiki boost, but cannot get there in person? Book a Remote Reiki Session.

Having Trust in your Reiki Master makes a whole lot of sense. We work on a Metaphysical level, combining science and Spirituality from a Universal Source. Healing Frequencies are available to you, only when you are ready to receive. Your Reiki Master is merely a conduit to a much larger-than-thou kind of place. So don’t wonder, just be in wonder of the awesomely subtle powers available for you.

Release any doubt when requesting a Remote Session in Reiki, as this doubt may affect the level of energy coming your way, or may create a block. It can interfere with the receiving of the good stuff. When this occurs, do not be surprised if I call you to request your absolute permission, as this will facilitate a fresh channel of delivery.

Embrace the mystery, and have faith in the Universal power of metaphysical transformation and the ancient wisdom of Reiki. I also work closely with Angelic Energies, tapping in to an entirely unique realm of light and clairsentience. This is all part of the miracle of Reiki, and being a Lightworker.

Message me on my website, with your phone number to set a Remote (Long Distance) Reiki Session when you are ready. If we have not met in the past, then I respectfully ask that you send me a photo of your eyes at least, though a standing pic is better. Namaste, we are One.