Cocoon Shield of Light, Shaman Style… you’re welcome.

Shamans get requests from friends and relatives to send protection, and being one, so I do. I also give quick instruction on an exercise that is so easy to do every day before they leave the home. For those who have no time at all for a short meditation, I ask them to imagine stepping into a pillowcase, bringing it up and around them, and adding a lovely golden ribbon to tie it up above their Crown Chakra, and off they go, out into the world, protected from negative forces.

But there is much more at play, and so be open to greater training.

“You have a choice to face the Angels and the light or face the dark ones, it is your choice. Call on the Angels to take the dark ones out.” -Grandmother Rosalie (Manyhorse’s Grandmother)

The Greater the Light shines around you, the more the Shadow wants to get close, like a moth to a flame. Choose not to feed it, rather, assist it to move on, away from you and your Loved Ones. Shadow is like the mosquito buzzing in your ear all that is wrong. Simply, guide/swat it away into the Light.

Shadow needs guidance. Shadow is a clinger, is needy, and drains when given a welcome mat in your Space. Shadow exists primarily on an undeveloped and lower level of Frequency. Lower frequencies are easy to tap into for the beginner, be warned. Do not take it lightly, for it is like the drunken dude in the parking lot, always available to help with changing your flat tire. Be careful who you invite into your Space.  Beings and Energies of higher frequencies arrive with absolute dedication to the higher state of Being.

To protect daily from negative cling-ons and Shadow, meditate on your Inner Light. Bring White and Gold Light into your Heart and bring it out and all around you like a cocoon of Pure Energy. Extend this energy out to encompass your Loved Ones as well.

One can speak with Intention from the Heart, and the Third Eye, sending immediate guidance to Shadow, or negative energy, to go into the Light and to be Free of the burden of Shadow.

You can do this. Be free. Be light.