Anxiety, be still and breathe

Decades old anxieties are simply that. Decades old. They have the same impact as newly formed anxieties, only they are more familiar. Decades old, however, are no closer to being an ‘old friend’. Some friends are better off saying goodbye, as they no longer are of service to your higher Self.

Baby steps are still a very good pace, even for decades old anxieties. They have set up shop, and found residence within Self. These anxieties have most likely even hung some nice wallpaper for familiarity’s sake.

Baby steps lead to the ability to dive deeper, and to face more. With ease.

Going gently through the process, seems essential in the healing journey. But, there are so many who could fall between the cracks and lose everything, if they were to “go gently”. This is why so many continue to push themselves to breaking point, trying to keep the head above water, at breakneck speed… trying to keep up with “expectations”. Then it breaks. And one cannot continue.

In Canada, we have a pretty good Social Net, to help when needed. It works, only IF you have the ability to turn up for the social worker, and the doctor. Many cannot. Many slip between the cracks and suffer further, for lack of support and direction, or an empathetic doctor.

While healing, one needs to go at ones own Natural pace. Honouring one’s Natural personality is where breakthroughs happen. Greeting your inner Sloth can be a very good thing. It was for me.

For many the healing is a lifetime of ups and downs, each time down, the getting back up can be a little bit easier, with the good tools at disposal. When one honours Self, and has some good tools available, one can recognize when these tools are to be respected and implemented.

Just Breathe… Bringing in awareness of tensions and pain. Just Breathe. (Sounds easy enough to start.) Every day. Sit, or lie, and just Breathe. You can do this.

With ease.

Guided visualizations are quite effective in facing fears and dissolving them down to bite size. One step at a time to healing. Yet, in some cases,*’SNAP’*, spontaneous release of a bundle of old fears and anxieties, mid-meditation, creating space for new neural pathways. Lots of tears. Be prepared for lots of tears.

Laughing Meditations are incredibly useful as is Chanting. While both exercise multiple Chakras, they both assist in the subconscious release or rise of emotional anxieties. Rise is good… rise reveals and identifies. Go gently with the awakening of Self. Step out of Self, and look in from the outside, without judgement, or expectation.

There are many Meditations and Yoga postures that gently calm the nervous system, allowing for clear flow of thought/lack of thought, and assist in balancing one’s energies within the Chakra system.

Breathe with ease, Heal Self, and Live,