All About Kim


Kim Easton is a born intuit, coming by this gift in a sincere way, inherited through her mother. By the mid-twenties, she tuned into the ability to heal at a cellular level.  While her thirties were still steeped in parental and entrepreneurial responsibilities, they were rampant in mystical experience and metaphysical encounters.  

At the age of forty, Kim experienced an opening of the floodgates of compassion at the Crown Chakra, when a Lotus flower unfurled at her third eye, while deep in a meditation lead by Master Yu.  This was a calling to the Healing Arts.

Kim Easton has been working in the Holistic healing arts since, embracing the energies of ascended masters and Quan Yin as the Goddess of Compassion and Healing.   Kim Easton synergistically applies more than one modality if called upon during a session.  Her Master Guides work through her, allowing for an intuitive session addressing your needs to release, or to receive energy. This Universal Reiki Energy manifests when and where it is needed most. 

Kim Easton can help you to look at many aspects in the healing process.  She offers a range of approaches, from mystical and spiritual, to nutritional and scientific in order to accommodate the variation of needs. Her integrated methods make for a unique and peaceful experience, with good to very good results within a few visits. Many clients come for Iridology, and book the next session for Reiki, or vice versa.  Meditation is an encouraged aspect to any of her programs.  

Kim Easton has worked with Practitioners, and all persons seeking a Holistic, Natural approach.  Her program is a great compliment to traditional medicine, and is not intended to replace medical care. 

“I have almost a decade of spiritual, meditation training and nutritional research under my belt, and know a thing or two about getting back on the path to feeling whole.  Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia are particular areas of interest, and my passion lies in helping you to see the path to renewed wellness.

 I have suffered with Fibromyalgia since the age of 37.  It had me in its grip, robbing me of vital, productive years.  I have overcome most of its debilitating symptoms, and have my life back.  It has taken dedication, an open mind, and a lot of hard work and learning.  

I know how it feels to be knocked to the ground with an invisible dis-ease.  Nobody seemed to understand, because I looked fine.  So, I learned to be kind to myself.  This is hard for many of us.  With patience, knowledge, lifestyle change and perseverance, I can run once again, (if I really need to).  I can cycle for miles once again.  And I can throw my canoe over my head and carry it to the river’s edge with a little help.  I can.” 

“My passions include a fine career in Abstract Art.  But my greatest passions lie in canoeing, boating, hiking and biking. I am in love with the forest, and everything living, even the rocks. My reputation precedes me as a weekend Naturalist, Entomologist and Herbalist. I am driven to express myself and give voice to environmental activism, as we are the stewards to the planet.  This comes naturally as I am also a Freelance Writer, having written for several local papers in the past.” 

Degrees and Certifications Training:

-B.A. Honours, and B.Sc. Psychology, University of Toronto.
-Certified Iridology Practitioner, C.I.P. with Canadian Institute of Natural Health, Dr. Beverly Verpaelst-Johnson.
-Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Jivasu Dr. Pradeep Kumar with Samagra, in association with Yoga Alliance of Canada.
-Reiki Master, Dr. Mikao Usui method, lineage Lorena Colarusso, Reiki Association of Canada.
-Integrated Energy Therapy, I.E.T., with Karen Penrose.
-C.C.H.P., Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner with C.I.N.H.
-trained for application of MRS2000, and education on the benefits of PEMFs. (Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies.) 

Additional Training:

-‘Suffering, is a choice’.  Meditation Training Course offered by Dr. Dradeep Kumar, Jivasu, Samagra Path.
-Meditations in attendance with the Dalai Lama, Human Approaches to World Peace, and both previous visits to Canada.
Shamanic Wisdom of the Elders and the Absolute Truth as taught by ‘Many Horses’, Frank J. Austin.
-Shamanic metaphysical induction via elders/ancestors/guides.
-Kim Easton is the founder of the ‘Spider Web Technique’.
-participant in Worldwide Healing Meditations, and Blessing of the waters inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto.
-HanMi Mystery School of Esoteric Buddhism, pivotal yet brief training with Master Yu, Dharma King.
-extensive research on subtle-energy therapies, and a study of Dr. Gerber’s valuable contribution to Vibrational Medicine.
-Host for Reiki Shares, and Meditation events.
-Host for ‘The Herbal Medicine Cabinet’, educational events.
-Reiki Healing Circles/Shares with Lorena Colarusso, Flo Gravitis, and Janet Lippa.
Radionics workshops and Metaphysical symposiums with Dr. John Stewart.