Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields:

Kim Easton, Health Technician 

While Energy Medicine fits the description of many wonderful alternative therapies, here we will address PEMFs, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.  Regular sessions are encouraged for beneficial results with the iMRS.  The iMRS -Pulsed Electro Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is a science based intelligent wellness machine.

Energy Medicine has been used for centuries to describe such practices as Reiki, Shamanism , Herbalism, Dowsing/Radiesthesia, Radionics, Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Energy Meridians, and many other fascinating Quantum studies.   Whereas the wisdom of PEMFs predates modern man, the iMRS is available for acute and /or chronic application, in a modern easy to use and understand invention that has been available for almost twenty years in Europe and is taking off like a wildfire in North America.

Energy Medicine is rapidly gaining recognition as the front running approach to the reversal and prevention of dis-ease and injury.  Although there are numerous modalities available to choose from, but for those who prefer hard science and machines that go ‘PING’ all of the above has been put into wellness options based on PEMFs.  Science based Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies assist in the delivery of Healing Frequency to the cell structure itself.   These frequencies aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, reverse acute injuries, reduce ‘down time’ for athletes, markedly reduce fibromyalgia symptoms, improve MS, support chronic conditions with gradual self repair, and help to maintain optimum cellular activity, among hundreds of beneficial results.   

The iMRS has FDA approval.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Resonance Stimulation ;

Otherwise known as HEALTH BY FREQUENCIES and Energy Medicine.

  • The client lays on a mat for 8-16 minutes, as Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies utilize the healing power of the Schumann wave. 
  • When needed, the client then follows with 8-16-24 minute session with either the pad or the probe for more localized attention.  This frequency is the Sawtooth wave.  This is best for acute injury, or inflammation.
  • The iMRS can be programmed from between 2-60 minute applications.  Short settings, better suited to individual needs such as sinus, or Trans-Cranial stimulation.
  • The key word here is Pulsed.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Resonance Stimulation ‘sings’ to your cells via frequency. 
  • The MRS2000 and the iMRS offer a four hour window of opportunity for natural cell repair, simply by optimizing the intracellular Sodium/Potassium pump.
  • No side effects.
  • In many cases, prescription drugs currently taken can be lessened or eliminated under your Doctor’s guidance.
  • Important to note: PEMFs  cannot be used if you have a Pacemaker.


PEMFs are preventive health care, and can be adopted into the daily lifestyle of the whole family, pets included.  The Health Care model of the future does not look pretty, and preventive is likened to health insurance.  This is intelligent wellness.

  • PEMFs assist your body’s daily natural cleansing and repair cycle by using the most effective form of resonant frequencies for promoting optimal health including: more energy, increased metabolism, improved bone density, pain management, fibromyalgia symptom reduction, improved microcirculation, stress reduction, increased sports performance, plus many other benefits.
  • PEMFs are clinically proven, and widely accepted with over 1,000 studies and is currently being used by over 5,000 athletes and over 1,000,000 satisfied users around the Globe.
  • The MRS2000 and iMRS systems use PEMFs, (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies), delivering the equivalent of the Schumann wave, which is both biologically and evolutionarily designed by Mother Nature for our health.  The Health Technician will adjust the frequencies for specific needs. 
  •  PEMFs resonate with our body.  Whereas, electrosmog destroys the biological field, and opens the door to lower functioning at a cellular level.  Electrosmog is known as dirty energy, and robs us of the earth’s natural waves.  A Study done in 1976 by Dr. Adey, wherein he exposed live brain cells to 3-16 Hz fields, revealed fast cell division, which has been termed the Adey-Window, the biological window of cellular activity and repair.  The MRS2000, and iMRS replicate the opportunity for repair observed in the ‘Adey-Window’.

Energy Medicine is the preventive medicine of the future, and makes such a difference right now for your body.  It can be used on the whole family, including your pets.  To have one in your own home is the ideal set-up for all, because the benefits are multiple for everyone. And saves time and money.
Book to experience my ‘Magic Mat’, as my clients call it.  I am a Certified MediConsult Health Technician, among other modalities, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Iridologist, Meditation Facilitator, and Integrated Energy Therapist. 

Fees range from $20-$60 per visit, with a sliding scale for regular frequent visits.  A rental program can be arranged on a basis of $500/month, to be applied toward purchase price should you decide to keep the iMRS.
I personally use and endorse the second generation model, MRS2000 every day, 8 minutes at a time.  I have gained control of my Fibromyalgia (85% in remission); have increased my bone density (was on the edge of osteopenia); keep arthritis inflammation at bay; and keep tabs on my Tennis Elbow suffered via Dowsing clients.  My husband is a home renovator, and any time he gets a twist, a knot, a sprain… we turn on the MRS2000 while watching TV at home.  The iMRS Complete is the third generation in Intelligent Wellness for in-home use.  The iMRS Professional is the Rolls Royce version intended for clinical use.


There are live public presentations available for you to attend.  These informative evenings usually bring special guest speakers on the topic of Energy Medicine.  The North American Academy of Energy Medicine boasts Dr. Carmicheal as its main man on the topics of frontline energy medicine technology advancement as the Future of Medicine.  The Dr. Oz Show recently covered the topic of PEMFs, with great interest.

If you are interested in attending an informative presentation, please let me know via email.

The MRS2000 and iMRS help create a healthy metabolic environment for your body, and return it to a state of oxygenated cellular wellness.  PEMFs are an energetic approach to wellness.

**PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields).  Contraindication: Not to be used if you have a Pacemaker.  Also excluded, until further studies done, if you are pregnant.

 Furthermore… for the animals…

The Enerpuls line was specially developed for Race Horses and pets. Please ask for more information if this interests you. 

 Disclaimer: The MRS2000 and the iMRS and all related products are not intended for diagnostic purposes, and does not claim to cure, prevent or treat any disease.  Please feel free to consult the multiple studies available at your fingertips for more information, at , or  Information and opinions expressed by the practitioner may not be construed as medical advice.  This modality is intended as a complimentary support.  You should consult with your medical practitioner regarding any health issues.

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