Iridology is a safe and painless method for studying the overall health of a client.  It involves viewing the Iris, the coloured portion of the eye.  Your Certified Iridology Practitioner can help you take a look at your overall health maintenance, and preventative choices with a whole new point of view.  

  • The Iris is the mirror to the soul, body and organs.  The entire body can be laid out in order on the Iris, with corresponding markings identifiable on the Chart.  This helps the CIP to map out any tissue damage that requires attention.
  • The Iris is viewed under magnification using a loop and a penlight allowing for 3-D depth.  This allows for an accurate assessment of the condition of its fibres. 
  • Our bodies reflect straight up and down, with the head at 12 o’clock, and the feet at six o’clock.
  • The soul is reflected at the centre, the energy centre, allowing for repair through Spiritual work, Acupuncture, IET, Reiki, or other spiritual modalities required.

The markings on the Iris record the condition of body tissues.  As an example, when tissue appears with a white line through it, this acts as a preventive flag, and measure can be taken to reverse what is oncoming. Every organ is connected to the Iris via the Central Nervous System.  The eye is an extension of the brain, and when something happens, the findings are recorded through fibre changes on the Iris.  Nerve fibres receive impulses via the optic nerve, and spinal cord.

Iridology is a safe, non-invasive tool that allows us to view the inside condition of people, and animals.

  • This is done by holding up a magnifying loop to the eye, and having a good look around. 
  • The Certified Iridology Practitioner, CIP, records the findings according to Major Markers that appear.
  • Your Certified Iridology Practitioner understands the nine basic zones in your body system, and their unique Bio-chemical Elements. 
  • The term ‘Bio-chemical’ address the issue of bio-availability, which means, readily absorbable into the body.  Foods and food sourced herbs and supplements are bio-available, meaning, the plant has done the work for you. 


The beauty of Iridology is to witness tissue repair after one or two such programs, and then to continual improvement over the weeks/months/years ensuing. Your CIP searches for healing lines as the tissues repair over time.  Patience must be exercised when repairing years of damage done.

It is amazing how quickly the body responds to the right stuff.

The Certified Iridology Practitioner, CIP, has extensive training in Herbalism and/or Dowsing/Kinesiology/Muscle Testing.  Your Iridology Practitioner can draw up a hands-on and do-able program that could change your life forever for the good

Iridology reflects hereditary pre-dispositions and the condition of tissue presently, either in a state of acidity, inflammation, fungal issues, toxicity, lymph congestion, and/or hardening of the arteries.

The Certified Iridology Practitioner can identify fibre changes through colour, depth, constitutions, four stages of erosion, the healing crisis, and major iris signs and markings.  Acute or chronic conditions appear differently.

Iridology is a wonderful guide to assist in Holistic choices for a healthier you.

Iridology does not diagnose, nor treat disease.  Medical terminology is not used.

The sole purpose is to locate damaged tissue according to the Iridology Chart, and address this damage via removal of the old tissue through detoxification and cleansing programs, resulting in the rebuilding of new tissue.  Wholesome living habits are part of the program, without which, change cannot occur.