Kim Easton is a Reiki Master, trained by Lorena Colarusso in the Dr. Mikao Usui system, in compliance with the requirements of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Kim Easton has been practicing Reiki since her early forties, with trusted affiliation out of a Shiatzu and Accupunture clinic, a Medical Doctor’s clinic, house calls and Hospital bedside calls. She now holds practice out of her home/studio in south-east Mississauga.

Housecalls are available for the infirm only. Hospital calls are available in the GTA. 

She has mastered the art of integrated modalities, utilizing what speaks to her in a synergistic approach to personal need for each client.  Reiki is a pure practice, but there is much room for variation when moving blocked energies, and working within our Luminous Energy Fields.  Many Reiki Master Practitioners personalize the Reiki session with permission.  Kim has a Holistic style, sometimes employing crystals, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry and Radionics as compliments to Reiki energy.  Kim is a born intuit, and information can come during a Reiki session, which she will share upon completion.

Reiki session $80-$120.00 first session lasting 1 and a half to two hours. Follow-up sessions $60-$75.00.

It is recommended that three sessions minimum be spaced over two weeks, with monthly maintenance sessions.  Life happens, and our energies get toyed with by daily events, and the people who come in and out of our daily travels and challenges.

Long distance absentee Reiki sessions available by request. Absentee Healing is also known as Remote Healing and can be done using a photograph provided by the client. Follow-up report will be provided.

For those of us already on the Journey, Reiki Share evenings will be an ongoing feature.  If you are interested in Reiki Shares, please contact me via email, .

Reiki for Pets:

Kim Easton has a natural affinity towards our four footers.  She was raised surrounded by animals, as her father was a veterinarian, and her mother, an animal lover. 

Kim prefers Remote (Absentee) Reiki when working on pets, as it allows her to focus while in a meditative state, harnessing information and visuals pertaining to your pets needs.  While this is not meant to replace a visit to the vet, Reiki can help animals cope with the anxiety of illness and loss.  Animals do not let us see their pain, as a product of evolution and survival, they are programmed to carry-on.  Reiki assists in crossing the language barrier, revealing truths.

The first session would involve a house call, and an eye to eye introduction for imprinting purposes.  If the pet allows, a hands-on Reiki session can be done at that time.  Some pets respond and relax into the session, while others get agitated by the activated energies and get up and walk away.  This is the pets own comfort level, and it must be respected.

Pets are very receptive to Reiki energy, and the love that comes forth.

A second session is set up without the pet present, in order to link with  their energy field.  This feedback is presented to you for discussion.  Kim will use Reiki, Dowsing and Crystals during this Absentee Reiki session.  A photo of your pet is helpful in these sessions.  This session is independent of the client (people and pet) and is performed in Kim’s sacred space of meditation.

Fee session one: $160.00 to $190.00, includes housecall in GTA, Ontario, Canada. Extra fees for outlying areas, to be discussed. Fee session two: $80-$120.00, depending on length of session and follow-up discussion. A minimum of two sessions are recommended for results.  Further Absentee sessions as required: $60.00.

Further housecall sessions: $120.00 to $150.00 in the GTA.