Who am I ?

Dear Jivasu.
My friends describe me as Spiritual, not religious. I live in Canada, where we are granted the freedom to find one’s own belief system, or to follow another’s… with respect. As a baby, with no say, I was baptized into the United Church. As an adult, I tick off the ‘Buddhist’ box on forms, when required. But, I have an ever expanding sense of what makes us ‘tick’, and continue to find the greatest Joy in studying a Butterfly sipping nectar. Or, while out in my kayak, remaining still while the pattern of sunlight penetrates the water, dancing over the pebbles.This is my ‘church’. (From how I see things, worldwide, Man-made religion has been corrupted and manipulated for thousands of years. Many supposed buddhist regions are NOT Buddhist, as it was intended as a philosophy of Compassion, and it has been corrupted in power and greed).

I believe in Creative Force and Quantum & Metaphysical Frequencies & Energies.

Frequency and Energy is Information.
Everything is IN-formation.

I am in awe of the end result of evolution in plants and all living things, insects, fish, mammals, birds, fire, water and air. I am a Shaman by past life and current. I abide by no restrictive defined box, rather an ever changing organic process of self development.
I am into Quantum and spirit, and have been around the Galaxies via meditation and dreamtime… so what does that make me?
Who am I?
This is who I am… and a bit of a goofball who likes to have fun.

Does your definition of ‘Spiritual’ has a different meaning. What defines spirituality in the West? (And what is pseudo-individualism, other than pseudo Self Importance ?)

Pseudo-spirituality… is this connected to celebrating and worshipping the multiple Gods? India has a daily dose, it appears. All of the festivals… is this Spirituality, or Religion? Or simply a beautiful distraction of Culture?

When one falls out of purpose, does one fall into the chasm, the abyss? Do the distractions of culture and expectation keep one from falling deeply into the abyss? Does one have to fall and suffer? Or can one fall and just BE?
Is just BE-ing, the middle way of the stream, with allowances from both currents? I am o.k. with this. I like the roller coaster, so I guess I like the ebbs and flows as well. Up, down and all around. Flow of Life.